I perform Fibroscan® which is a non-invasive technique to measure fibrosis (scarring) within the liver using Ultrasound elastography.

Fibroscan Machine | Liver Specialist Care

It is simple and carries no risk.

The FibroScan® technique is used to quantify hepatic fibrosis in a totally non-invasive and painless manner, with no contra-indications for the patient

Fibroscan® is a concept developed and produced by Echosens. 

How it works  

A mechanical pulse is generated at the skin surface, which is propagated through the liver. The velocity of the wave is measured by ultrasound.

The velocity is directly correlated to the stiffness of the liver, which in turn reflects the degree of fibrosis. - the stiffer the liver is the greater the degree of fibrosis.

Fibroscan® should not be used on patients with ascites, patients who are pregnant or patients under the age of 18 years.